Product certificate of analysis Verification system

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It is extremely important to buy the highest quality Spirulina, as some sources can contain dangerously high levels of heavy metals, radiation and other poisons. Heavy metal poisoning may only become apparent after years of ingestion. Experts worldwide now agree that all algae food supplements should not only be analysed for heavy metals but in light of the Mar 2011 Japanese nuclear incident; should also be screened for radiation contamination.

Some of the most popular brands of Spirulina currently refuse to say where their product comes from. Furthermore, many consumers, having been told of its supposed origin; cannot seem to obtain any proof.

Sara’s Choice Certified Organic Spirulina is cultivated in Taiwan under strict Organic standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification. We have each batch independently analysed for heavy metals and radiation contamination by SGS (the worlds largest food testing company) – Each batch is given its own traceable certificate number.

These certificates can be verified through SGS field offices in Ireland, UK and throughout Europe.

No other Spirulina product on the European market offers the end user this avenue of verification, giving you the assurance of the safest Spirulina available.


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Phone: +442030087860

To view our product analysis certificates please click here

To authenticate a certificate simply phone your local SGS office above quoting the certificate / report number and the Lot number from your product.