How safe is your spirulina? Sara's Choice products are independently tested for radiation and heavy metals safety

How safe is your spirulina? Sara’s Choice products are independently tested for radiation and heavy metals safety.
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Saras Choice certified organic spirulina with SGS certification - Nature's Multivitamin

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We searched far and wide to bring you the finest organic spirulina available today.

  • Certified in Ireland by Organic Trust
  • Independently tested for radiation and heavy metals safety
  • Sun Grown in Mountain spring water
  • Organic for a non organic price
  • No fillers
  • No binders
  • No glazing agents
  • No flow agents
  • No artificial anything
  • Sweetest, freshest tasting


Each Sara’s Choice spirulina batch holds an independent traceable certificate for heavy metal and radiation safety. Click here for certificate page..


Nature’s Multivitamin. The Granddaddy of all Superfoods:

This tiny aquatic plant has been eaten by humans since prehistoric times, it was known by ancient tribes in Africa as Dihe, the Aztecs called it Tecuitlatl. In recent decades it has been known by the health conscious as ‘Green Gold’ – because there is no other single food on earth to equal its nutritional profile.

Best food for the future:

Spirulina has been described by the UN as the ‘Best food for the future’. It contains all essential amino acids, more protein than beef or soy, more Vitamin A than carrots, 50 times more iron than spinach and zero cholesterol. It also helps alkalize the gut which creates excellent conditions for the natural proliferation of good flora like L acidophilus which in turn supports a healthy immune system.

Reduce sugar cravings:

Spirulina is known to produce a feeling of fullness and reduce the craving for sweets and carbohydrates, taken 30 minutes before a meal it can noticeably reduce the appetite. This no doubt is due its nutrient content and high concentration of complex carbohydrates which are metabolized slowly, balancing blood sugar, allowing the body to maintain a more constant blood glucose level and thus reducing feelings of hunger.

See why the Irish Independent Health & Living section gives Sara’s Choice Spirulina Top Marks: Tried and Tested  23-04-2012

This food is so important it has its own body within the UN to promote its use:  IIMSAM  (INTERGOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTION FOR THE USE OF MICRO-ALGAE SPIRULINA AGAINST MALNUTRITION).

UN food conference has called spirulina ‘the best food for the future‘.

  • High source of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) which helps reduce cholesterol.
  • Great for kids who won’t eat veg or anyone who doesn’t always get their 5 a Day! – 1Kg of spirulina has the nutrition of 1,000 Kg of green veg.
  • 65% – 75% Easily digestible protein – Easily digested by seniors.
  • Rich in Carotenoids which enhance the body’s antioxidant protection.
  • Promotes better digestion by suppressing bad flora and stimulating good.  ( promotes the growth of L. acidophilus)
  • Promotes elimination of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins from the body.
  • Now used by ESA and NASA in voyage nutrition.
Excellent supplement for athletes:

Contains high levels of Biotin which inhibit Lactic acid.
Contains all 8 essential Amino acids – If taken 20 to 30 mins after workout; will help build muscle mass.

Over several decades, many clinical trials have investigated spirulina’s potential. To read more see our Research page.  In vivo studies show it can prevent pre-cancerous oral lesions: Spirulina induced lesion regression in tobacco chewers with oral leukoplakia in a study conducted in India.
Allergies and asthma: 
Experimental data suggests that C-phycocyanin can selectively inhibit release of histamine from mast cells and prevent increases in immunoglobulin E. A small study in patients with mild to moderate asthma suggested that spirulina supplementation (1 g/day) produced improvement in lung function parameters, while a study evaluating spirulina in allergic rhinitis suggested a positive effect.
Antimicrobial activity: 
Spirulina and its extracts have been evaluated for antiviral activity. One in vitro study found that calcium spirulan extract interfered with replication of several enveloped viruses, including herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, mumps and measles viruses and influenza A virus.
Two small studies have investigated the effects of spirulina supplementation in type 2 diabetes, with improvement noted in fasting blood sugar and lipid profiles. Suggested mechanisms of action include hypoglycemia caused by fibre content or possible insulin-stimulating action of peptides and polypeptides of spirulina proteins. The actions on lipids have been attributed to gamma linolenic acid content.
Dietary supplement: 
Spirulina, considered a food item for centuries in many countries, is now popularly thought of as a dietary supplement. Spirulina consumption is purported to aid in weight loss because of its high phenylalanine content.
Immune system effects:
In vitro experiments suggest that spirulina and its extracts might be immunostimulatory. A clinical study in healthy men found that oral administration of spirulina for 3 months resulted in enhanced interferon production and natural killer cell capacity.

Sara’s Choice Spirulina is free from artificial flavours and preservatives, contains no gluten, dairy, soy, added sugar, fillers, binders or sweeteners and is naturally cholesterol free.

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